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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> we are hopeful there will be more snow the next time we come out. >> record low numbers. relief not far off as the bay area is about to get a good soaking. >> there is a lot of exposed dirt work that needs to be protected. >> the new year's first storm. how residents are managing the burn areas. the four on 2 starts now. with the new year comes the first substantial rainfall in months. you welcome site for most but for those in the north bay burn areas it comes with a watchful eye. i am frank mallicoat. >> i'm heather holmes. it has been nearly 3 months and the fires broke out in homeowners are keeping in eye to the sky today. >> mudslides and flooding potential issues. tom joins us live in this giving us more. >> reporter: at the moment only at light sprinkle for most of
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the afternoon it did not rain what people were concerned about is this. the possibility of soaking rains making these hillsides come down possibly injuring people in homes below and possibly doing more destruction. so far wine country has dodged the weather bullet. rain was not an issue until noon when the first light rain started falling in santa rosa. rains that stayed light for the afternoon sonoma county as well as napa, sears rain falling on the hillsides in burned-out lots could start mudslides, floods, and perhaps landslides. at napa's napa valley expo crews handed out three wattles to help stabilize lands. >> we are on a steep slope, our house has been removed and the foundation is gone. there is a lot of exposed dirt
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work that needs to be protected.>> we got around the foundation yesterday and today we are putting it in the drainage channels and finishing up areas where ash and debris will go into the drainage channel. >> reporter: back in sonoma county the worst danger is to those residences, wineries, businesses and use authority facility at the foot of hood mountain regional park. the mountain is so diluted of vegetation and so unstable and steep the park is closed indefinitely and signs proclaim the extreme danger to those close by. there are plenty of drainages around the mountain they can easily handle normal rains and torrential rains provided the trees, brush and grass are there which they are not anymore. the problem is if you start getting major flows of mud and landslides these drainages will be overwhelmed. in santa rosa the state emergency services director touring the area with u.s.
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homeland scaredy secretary was grateful for the mostly light rain thing a lot of reparations are already in place. >> right after the fires went out one of the key priorities we had was to put in mitigation efforts, clear channels, put in wattles, these devices to help channel and offset water flows. a tremendous amount of mitigation has been done. >> reporter: despite northern california's dire need for rain this afternoon's light rains are a blessing for those worried here in one country. coming up next hour we will hear from the department of homeland security secretary, in office for lesson amount took him to see the damage. let's get a check in to find out just how much rain is expected with our meteorologist mark tamayo. it will start picking up this evening. >> we will notice the change between about 7:00 and 9:00.
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this is not the storm that causes huge concerns with mudslides. we will have some downpours out there me watching out for that in any rainfall we have to track. right now this is not the kind of system that stalls in one place causing major issues. you can see some development offshore is becoming closer. you have encountered a few light showers throughout the day today or if you moderate showers. more development offshore is one i will say there have been lightning strikes detected in the pacific . there is some instability that could boost the chance of lightning strikes for tonight. our live camera we're looking out and you see the clouds out with breaks in the clouds. we are not talking about his soaking rain but a few scattered showers in place. here is the deal with rainfall on the way especially system one moving in tonight. another one moves in that could produce more widespread rain thursday night into friday morning. a general rain with the system will be about 1/10 of an inch
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to maybe over one inch for the north bay. we are not talking about a few sprinkles, we will add to the totals quite a bit. the main action happening between now and early tomorrow morning, we will have rain showers funnel back into the area. if we advance into thursday we will hold onto the possibility of a few scattered showers throughout the day but another system comes on board by thursday night into friday. two of the day tomorrow it is not to bad but tonight we will watch out for that with the rainfall picking up and more thunderstorms popping up across portions of the bay area. we will talk more about the storm and we could have a break as we head into the weekend. as tom vacar mentioned the head of the department homeland security was in sonoma county this afternoon touring the devastation from the october wildfires. several states, county officials updated her about the
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officials. nelson such effect -- met with fire survivors as part of her visit. at the stage the federal government is focused on helping property owners clerical property so they can finally rebuild. >> learned today that the amount of debris collected to date is equal to the weight of 4/5 of the weight of the golden gate bridge. that is a tremendous amount of debris and we are only just beginning. president trump -- president trump declared a disaster area for the north bay areas. the secretary says the declaration will allow fema to provide grant money to help people rebuild their homes and businesses. to the could see sign of recovery of santa rosa. first home under construction is being built but this is on kerri lane. homeowners said they were fortunate because they were
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able to rebuild on the original foundation of their home. homes expect to be completed in about four months. the neighborhood was devastated by the tubbs fire losing more than 1300 homes. to the south they were extra security was brought in today at the middle school in san jose. these patrols come after teacher was sexually assaulted and robbed in the classroom. katie is live with parent reaction in the latest on the reaction into the incident. >> reporter: the assault happened just before students are set to arrive on campus and while parents say they are shaken they are also confident that the school and police are taking action. parents are still in shock. >> i am deeply saddened with what transpired. you makes me very sad. >> reporter: it has been one day since the assault of the teacher in san jose place want
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to make their presence felt. there are officers assigned to the school and more patrolling the surrounding neighborhood. this is the man they are looking for. surveillance video shows him wandering the grounds for two hours before the attack. >> that is the best piece of evidence we have. we are trying to identify this person. are asking the public to call with any tip they have. anybody they suspect looks like this person. >> reporter: the woman he assaulted rob was the teacher who had come to prepare for her classroom. school officials say they are cooperating with authorities and they regularly review all safety protocols. until the perpetrators got parents say the police presence as a comfort. >> we fill they are doing everything they can. >> the greatest degree of confidence the school will do whatever it takes to make sure the campus is secure. >> reporter: school officials really say statement thing quote, we are saddened and upset by this incident and are
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leaning in to provide support and privacy to our employee and to each other. anyone with information on this case is asked to contact san jose police.>> i'm curious about the teacher. how is she doing an issue back at school? >> reporter: we have heard very little about that but i think that is intentional. the school wanted to respect her privacy and they want everyone to keep their distance. there will be a lot of healing involve so they are not releasing much about her or how she is doing. man convicted of killing two jewelry store clerks back in 2013 learned his fate today. barry white sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. last july jury found white guilty of 16 felony counts including two counts of first- degree murder, one count of attempted murder. prosecutors said white shot and killed the two clerks, wounded the owner because he thought
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the owner has shortchanged him on a gold necklace he had bought. >> san francisco police asking for your help as they search for the man who was wearing a santa hat when he opened fire at people. the shooting happened two days after christmas in the city's tenderloin district. it was captured on video. it shows the man walking in the santa hat. later on he is talking to people inside the black suv and the man takes the gun out and fires into the vehicle. the car immediately drives when the suspect with the gun in his jacket pocket and walks away. we are told no one was hurt in police say the motive is unclear. first no survey of this year comes up with record low numbers. in california rebound water wise? it is the rare weather term, bomb cyclone. this punishing winter storm is expected to at the northeast tomorrow. more on what i bomb cyclone is when we come back.
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a powerful winter storm descended on the southeastern united states today and so meteorologist are calling it bomb cyclone for his sudden and dramatic drop in atmospheric pressure. it could cause big problems from the southeast to new england. the storm has already brought heavy snow and ice to florida, georgia and the carolinas. a city of emergency has been declared in that region. >> we believe it is important that we keep people off the
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roads so we are going to close all government offices for nonessential employees for tomorrow. >> the same storm system has brought ominous forecast, bone chilling temperature and snow across the entire eastern u.s. forecasters when the system could soon strengthen as it moves up the east coast producing strong damaging winds in several east coast states. >> the deep-freeze is reaching down into florida were schools will close due to the blustery conditions. >> holly is in gainesville floor with more on the temperatures. >> reporter: that is not new england, the boats are rocking and rolling out up for canaveral getting blown around by the first winter storm of 2018. in lake city, brain freeze in full effect. wrote crews are not worried about bridges freezing which is the real concern. >> it is a little harry.>> reporter: this man driving
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south from georgia not expecting to see icicles on power lines in the sunshine state. all schools closed due to weather both today and tomorrow however left over icicle christmas lights in the snowy starbucks display are the closest things we sought to winter weather to the disappointment of this little one. what we looking to do today? >> i wanted to make a snowman. >> reporter: her mom also had big plans for today. >> make snow angels. >> reporter: i am sure you can understand the disappointment. the five-year-old has never seen snow. mark when you start talking about a bomb cyclone, that is gary. >> makes the storm see more exciting when you the word bomb to it. it is a slang term. that is by
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one of the first questions all day pop up quiz, what is it bomb cyclone. it is when the pressure drops one malabar per hour for 24 hours and that is the official intensity. we have them offshore sometimes as well as the head up toward the pacific northwest. it is not unheard of but today it seems to be getting a lot of attention. what is happening, traced out the air mass temperatures and the wind direction as well we have the cold air moving in from the north. that cold air is dipping south in fact they had snow in tallahassee for the first time in 20 years. encountering the warm water and with that you get rapid development is the clash of the two air masses. we are showing you the satellite and radar. those lines are actually isobar lines of pressure and you can see over the past few hours those lines crowding each other. that is a good sign the pressures dropping in the storm
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is intensifying this will actually continue to be an intense storm as we get into the next 24 hours. look what happens, this is the forecast model, 7:00 tomorrow morning some intense winds and reports of a hurricane center flowing into the storm to get more reports. intense snowfall as well 14 inches out toward boston in the wind could top 45 miles per hour. moving quickly up the eastern seaboard that is a bomb cyclone developing right now and it may not be to should be be a big newsmaker is made into thursday. across the was we have a system offshore that will generate some rainfall. you may encounter a few showers today in the rain fall will pick up in the short term. here is the coverage right now in the radar out toward our north, our easton offshore as well where watching the traffic cameras because the afternoon and evening commute will be
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impacted. not to much happening right here at the bay bridge toll plaza but that will change. thunderstorms possible for tonight as well here is our thinking with the rain timing for tonight. it will be picking up in the chance of a few scattered showers tomorrow morning and another system moves into the picture. that could be by thursday evening so we will track periods of rain possibly have your downpours for tonight and once again into thursday. we will talk more about the weekend outlook in a few minutes. the first no pack survey of the season taken this morning near echo summit. stay dormant of water resources did find some snow to measure, 1.3 inches with a water content of only .4 inches. that is 3% of the long-term average. last year the first measurement had six inches of water content. manager say there is a lot of winter to go.>> last year where we ended up with such a record season, we really got started
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in january and february with the atmospheric rivers that are pretty cold to california's water supply. >> water officials say the state is in better shape than previous years because our reservoirs remain above normal from last year's rains but they say it is a good idea to conserve water no matter what the weather brings. perhaps it has happened to you. the vast majority of us do not keep our new year's resolution. stick around. up next we will have tips on how to stick to those resolutions in 2018.
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a lot of people ask this your of your, why can't you stick to your new year's resolution? a 2016 study showed only 8% of people are able to keep resolutions. what is the secret to keeping them for longer than he week or so? doctor michael areas here. -- doctor michael larry is here. how do we keep to them? >> the first thing that makes me think of is we pick things that are two big like losing 50 pounds instead of five pounds, small bite-size realistic goal.>> you are saying start small. >> yes, something you can
4:23 pm
accomplish. it is easier to lose five pounds and feel good about that then not lose 50 and feel bad.>> if we start small what is the next tip that you have? >> the other thing i like to tell people is focus on the habits. the day today things you will do over and over as opposed to the scale. you cannot control the scale. you can control what you eat and how you exercise. if you focus day today on that, week after week it is more likely the scale will go down. >> when you talk about monitoring what you eat you think it is important to right that down and keep a daily log of what you eat? >> i do not think it is necessary but for some people it can be helpful. what i tried to tighten up, tracking and knowing what you are eating, how many carbs, protein and calories you are consuming can be helpful. it is like consciousness and awareness of what is going in. >> you are talking to me about
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the importance about writing down the goal and resolution. why is that? >> if you did one thing, if you wrote it down, study after study have shown you are much more likely to achieve that goal. if it is on paper it is an active commitment. >> should you go back to what you wrote down weekly, monthly and review? need to reset. >> put it on your bathroom mirror or somewhere that you see every day to remind you pick your brain will engage into, how can i reach that goal. >> start small, right it down, what else? >> couple of the other things, kind of along the lines of right it down, tell someone. tell somebody who can keep you accountable. maybe once week they check in. if you really wanted to do that to the max you could post on social media and tell everybody.
4:25 pm
i think that might freak some people out especially if you have issues with weight loss and anxiety. there is some research that suggest the more you commit to that goal and put it out there the more likely it is to happen. >> it seems to me that if you put it out publicly you could encourage other people and it is like the buddy system. i went to the gym today, did you ? thank you doctor mack -- thank you doctor larry. do you have a resolution? >> i do. >> i did mean to put you on the spot. >> i want to cut my body fat percentage down a little bit. keep the muscle mass the same but trim a little bit of the fats. i am just starting at was losing two pounds of fat.
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coming up it appears met romney is making a political comeback in utah. could he be that states next senator? we will talk to political reporter out of salt lake.
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on capitol hill paul manafort, president trump's former campaign chairman has filed the lawsuit against special counsel robert mueller in the justice department in the suit man for said miller exceeded his authority by investigating him for conduct that was not related to the russian interference 2016 presidential election. mina ford was -- he has pleaded not guilty. it was a big day in washington, d.c. it is a day which could have major implications for republicans and their 2018 agenda. >> reporter: the democrats gaining more power on capitol hill today, not enough to overtake the republican majority but enough to make things more difficult for the gop. >> please raise your right hand. >> reporter: vice president
4:30 pm
pants swearing in two democratic senators, doug jones of alabama and smith of minnesota. >> you will faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to answer so help you god. >> i do. >> reporter: the sermon to eight tumultuous period in american politics. smith replaces al franken the former comedian leaving congress after facing allegations of sexual harassment. jones comes to washington after defeating roy moore who is accused of sexual misconduct and refuses to accept the results of the special election. there may be more controversy ahead however. republicans all day slim 51-49 majority in the senate which could complicate the parties 2018 agenda. white house budget director mulvaney and director of legislative affairs mark short leading with congressional leaders from both parties hours
4:31 pm
after the swearing-in. one main topic of concern, deal to keep the government running passed january 19. >> both parties have to be willing to come to the table. >> reporter: while the senate is in town the house is not in session until monday. there are 11 days from that point to solve the spending issues and fund the government. >> president trump is lashing out at his former chief strategist steve bannon saying bannon has quote, lost his mind. the, comes in response to new book by journalist michael wolff titled, fire and fury inside the trump white house. excerpts of the book, bannon criticizes the presidents son and son-in-law calling their meeting with russians during the 2016 campaign quote, unpatriotic. in response the president issued his statement saying apart quote, steve bannon had nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired
4:32 pm
he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. utah senator orrin hatch announcing his retirement. there is speculation that former massachusetts governor mitt romney will run for his seat. the 83-year-old hatch is the longest serving republican senator and said earlier this year he would quote, gladly step aside if his friend met romney wanted to run for his seat. romney responded thanking him for his service but romney did not reveal his plans. for more on the potential run for the seat i'm joined by thomas, washington, d.c. bureau reporter. romney for senator in utah. sounds like it will happen. what is your take? >> it is like the employment act like -- for me. if you asked me two weeks ago that this would happen i do not think i would have taken that bet. it looks like now it will happen. i talked to people in romney's
4:33 pm
orbit and they believe he is considering a run. he will announced in the next couple weeks. he will take it very seriously. let's point this out, romney is a revered figure in utah. if you runs there is a good chance he will win the seat. >> the fact that ronnie changed his hometown on his twitter page yesterday to holiday, utah instead of massachusetts, what do you think?>> there is a slight coincidence. romney move to utah in 2013 and he has officially been her resident there and voted there since then. they forgot to change the twitter feed. that is a pretty good sign he is taking this seriously. they will not change that if he was going to say no. >> do you think orrin hatch would be stepping aside had romney not been waiting in the sides? >> we are not sure romney will jump in are not but he is somebody hatch would love to be in the position. hatch has been hemming and
4:34 pm
hawing as if to he worked to run. hatch is been in office 41 years to the day today. longer than i have been alive technically. he wanted to spend more time with his family and if romney is waiting in the wings, and bonus. >> romney has got deep roots in utah. he is mormon in a conservative. is it a slamdunk if he runs? >> the romney name is golden in utah. you put him on a ballot and he will do well. the last poll we had in october , the field of eight candidates and romney got 44%. if you imagine romney versus a democrat, he will do pretty well in utah. >> i lived in boston for number of years and i know he ran for governor in that had aspirations to move on. do you think he may have the same aspirations, he senator for a few years and then may
4:35 pm
want to run for president? >> that would be interesting. i'm not sure we see another future presidential run in romney. he did run for the senate in 1994. he ran against ted kennedy in a tight race. i think in some ways, i was trying to talk this to myself today, why would romney want to run? he is 70 years old and has a beautiful home in utah. may be the last line of his obituary he does not want to be a filled presidential candidate. maybe he wants to be his senator who stood up anytime when somebody needed him to stand up.>> you think in a couple of weeks he will throw his hat in the ring? >> he has until march 15 to file for office. what i'm hearing is that he will make a decision in the next couple of weeks and maybe test the waters for a little bit. you will not wait to long to
4:36 pm
make the announcement. he does not want endless speculation going on. i would imagine in the next couple of weeks we will hear. >> finally if he is elected can you imagine the [ null ]-for- tat between him and mr. trump? >> i can only imagine it will be fun . trump and romney do not get along. we all remember the speech that romney gave where he called trump a phony and fraud. he said similar things on twitter since. he is not necessarily a never trump her but he is somebody who did not vote for trump and would not be in his corner if he is a senator. >> will make for good theater and good articles. thank you for joining us. next week the san francisco board of supervisors will discuss the process of selecting an interim mayor.
4:37 pm
the board of supervisors president has been serving as acting may here ever since the unexpected death of mayor ed lee. the board will have to schedule he vote on appointing an interim mayor and that person would hold the position until i special election on june 5. the deadline to file for the mayoral races coming up next tuesday. the san francisco examiner report some supervisors would like to see who is in the running before picking an interim mayor. whomever wins the june election will serve the remainder of lease term until november 2019. a new survey finds that former mayor willie brown is the preferred choice to occupy the mayor's office until the special june election. however, brown said he is not interested in the job. the poll surveyed more than 600 registered voters. brown was the first choice of 30% of those who responded. others are well behind including former supervisor and state assemblyman tom and the former mayor with 13%.
4:38 pm
california democrats are fine -- 20 find away to get around the new on state and local tax deductions. democrats are planning to invalid proposal as early as today. under the plan instead of paying taxes to the state californians would be allowed to donate the money to the states coffers and deduct their entire sum from the federal taxes. people who donate to the funds have greater benefits for people who choose not to donate would be required to pay their state taxes. up until this year taxpayers in the state could detect an unlimited amount of state and local taxes from their federal taxes but that number is now limited to just $10,000. coming up the acting director of ice has strong words after california becomes the first sanctuary state in the nation. lots of clouds in a few scattered rain showers but things will pick up tonight. where talking about more rain clouds in the five day forecast.
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fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) the acting director of immigration and customs or ice is taking in the california's new sanctuary state laws and quote, california better hold on tight. >> jonathan hunt reports the director said the state was seen in celexa special agents and said politicians who back
4:42 pm
the policy should be charged with crimes. >> reporter: the acting ice director is angry at california's new laws and angry at governor jerry brown not only supported them but for matt not supporting much of the work of federal immigration authorities. the acting ice director repeatedly warned californians about what he predicts will be dire results. >> the smuggling organizations are using the sanctuary cities law as a selling points. more illegal aliens will becoming two california. more criminal aliens will become into california. >> reporter: it is important to point out that california has never officially declared itself a sanctuary state. the legislation containing the new laws impact is called the california values act. critics of course say it amounts to the same thing. put simply the new laws strictly limit the extent to which local law enforcement
4:43 pm
agencies can cooperate with and help federal immigration agents. how that will work in practice remains to be seen but the acting ice director clearly feels it will make his job and that of his agents more difficult and more dangerous so he's putting more ice boots on the ground and he says the administration should stop charging local politicians who passed these laws with crimes. >> more citizens are going to die because these policies in the politicians cannot make decisions and be held unaccountable for people dying. we need to hold these politicians accountable for their action. >> reporter: with language like that it is clear that this fight between the trump administration and the state of california has a long way to run. on her visit today to the bay area homeland security secretary had a more cooperative tone saying she
4:44 pm
looked forward to working with state officials on these issues. she said the challenge comes when federal officers take criminal aliens into custody. >> when we are not able to pick up the criminals in a save settings such as eight jail we have to go into communities which puts everyone at danger. the administration has been clear on our concerns with respect to these policies.>> california attorney general tweeted this today quote, new year, old rhetoric from washington. eric california we will stay the course and enforce our laws to protect our communities and make california's economy number one in the nation. more on our top story. we have finally got rain. northbay is first but eventually we will all get wet. >> i just watch the radar over the past few minutes that there are more lightning strikes offshore. that is a sign we could have instability approaching the bay area. it is tranquil here, high clouds
4:45 pm
and breaks in the clouds but if you look out west we have more developments offshore. there is that circulation. within this portion of the storm that is when you have more stable air approaching the bay area. you is moving from the south and north. coming closer. this is a newer development on the radar. these are lightning strikes within this area and those thunderstorms could be approaching the bay area. is about 10 lightning strikes to our south into our west and that is being pushed closer to the area. right now we have light rain in concord, and nampa. the coverage will be increasing over the next few hours. here's our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we are watching out not only on radar but these live cameras because things will change
4:46 pm
quickly. rainfall total so far, san jose picking up .16. these amounts tapering off across concord, santa rosa and napa but we will be adding to these totals between now and midnight. for tomorrow for thursday chance of a shower in san francisco, 7:00, 52 degrees. were heading into a little break for tomorrow. lots of clouds in the next system moves in thursday night late in the evening especially after 8:00 or 9:00. here is the deal. a lot happening in the pacific. we have a trace of upper level winds directing the storms closer to the bay area. for tonight the rainfall will pick up with the possibility of thunder and late thursday could be tracking more rain. the system will swing in behind it and that could generate more rainfall first thing friday morning and then scattered showers for the rest of the day on friday.
4:47 pm
this is wednesday 6:00 showing you rainfall increasing in coverage. 9:00 same deal, you may see lightning strikes out there. for tomorrow morning not as much coverage, lots of clouds in the possibility of a few scattered showers. same deal by 4:00. the chance to get outside. look what happens, this is late thursday night into friday morning. another round of of widespread rain in the bay area and starting on friday morning with rainfall in scattered showers about the day on friday. we will have to hold onto the chance of a sprinkle or light shower into saturday morning. the forecast ties for tomorrow mainly in the 60s. san francisco 61, san jose 64. we're on a warm pattered in the bay area and as the result snow level is high in the sierras. above 8000 feet. we went from days of no rain with hazy skies. multiple rain clouds now. the ones i'm watching are for tonight and into thursday night
4:48 pm
as well. now we look at some stories where working on for 5:00. the south bay has eight different kind of drinking water. >> it is a health craze sweeping silicon valley. unfiltered, untreated, and sterilized water and it is flying off store shelves. coming up at 5:00 why health experts warn this trend is away to drink bacteria including e. coli. >> difficult store in san jose where teacher was not only attacked but robbed. >> she was setting up her classroom for students after the holiday break. that is one police say man robbed and sexually assaulted her. tonight at 5:00 why parents say they are confident the school and police are taking the right action. coming up right here , there was doubt the event would even take place but the mavericks petition -- the
4:49 pm
mavericks are -- the mavericks surf competition could get going.
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the windows open for the bay area big wave surfing competition. the contest has a new organizer in a brand-new name. the mavericks challenge. he was taken over after the mavericks filed for bankruptcy. organizers are waiting for perfect swells before they summon the world's best big wave surfers. this year, for the first time women get to compete. it is held in 30 foot plus waves after -- at half moon bay. tonight at 8:00, x-files is back.
4:52 pm
here is the preview of the upcoming season in an interview with one actor about his expanded role. >> what is this? >> reporter: it started 25 years ago in the hit show the x- files. the 25th year. what are your thoughts when you are that? >> it is cool. >> reporter: mitch is back as fbi assistant director walter mckeon all the other iconic cast of characters go on a journey. when the puts him and others in close quarters with cigarette smoking man where they find out or find things about each other. -- they find out horrifying things about each other. i hear you get your own episode. >> i wind enough last time that they said we have to right for him. -- write for him. you find out who he is.
4:53 pm
>> we need your help, even if we don't trust you. >> reporter: the show picks off from where it left off last season. it is all new episodes wednesday night at 8:00. no one matched all six numbers last night mega millions drawing and i'm okay with that because that means last nights $361 million jackpot will grow to $418 million. you march 23 straight run without it winter. the numbers, 1, 42, -- 64 and 70 the mega millions number was 22. the next drawing will be held friday nights. there is more. the competing powerball game will have a drawing tonight with a $460 million jackpot. the out to vinning tonight are about one in 292 million but
4:54 pm
that does not stop americans from buying tickets in droves. and 2016 people spent more than $80 billion on lottery tickets. that is more than they spent on books, sports tickets, movies, video games and music combined. north korea and south korea reopening achy cross-border communication system for the first time in nearly 2 years. we will take a look at the significance of this.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
many are considering it a sign of improving relation between north and south korea as kim jong-un reopens communications across the border. greg palkot has the story from london. reporter: there is a bit more thawing in relations between north and south korea. north korean leader kim jong- un ordering the re-opening of a hotline between the two countries on the dmz that hasn't been used since early 2016. both sides spoke for about 20 minutes, just technical stuff between two official. still, even that is a landmark these days. this followed an offer from kim jong-un on new year's day to discuss sending north korean athletes to next month's south korean winter olympics. south korea on tuesday suggested the meeting next
4:58 pm
week. there are signs today that pyongyang might be willing to go forward with that meeting and maybe broader conversations, as well. meanwhile, it's too early to get reaction from north korea to president trump's latest tweet about the north. he suggested that his nuclear button was bigger and more powerful than kim jong-un's. remember on monday, kim jong- un talked about a nuclear button on his desk. the state department is suggesting that north korea might be trying to drive a wedge between president moon in south korea and president trump with this different rhetoric on the two sides. other analysts are saying, south korean president moon and trump are playing a good cop-bad cop approach to north korea. regardless of the niceness between north and south korea, that talk between north korea and u.s. is tough not just the president trump between but also coming from kim jong-un. kim jong-un remember in his new year's address said he
4:59 pm
would spend 2018 building up a nuclear arsenal that could hit the united states. good news and bad news. in london, greg palkot, fox news. a welcome sight in the bay area, rain ending a two-week dry spell coming on the first snow survey of the year where there seemed to be as much grass showing as snow. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. light rain this afternoon in alameda. this is where windshield wipers and headlights were both turned on and most people we saw walking outside finally had to dig out those umbrellas. in fremont, a similar scene this afternoon, although when our cameras were there it appeared the rain was coming down harder. this is the first of a series of storms expected to hit the bay area over the next week. >> traffic has been light throughout -- or light this week as people returned from holiday breaks. this is 80 through emeryville. it's usually slow in the area at this time of day and with
5:00 pm
the rain it makes things slow down even more. we want to check in now with our meteorologist mark tamayo in for bill tonight with the latest on the conditions. >> yeah. things will be changing rapidly over the next, say, between two to three hours across the bay area. so you will definitely notice a change. we have some lightning strikes offshore. today we had some scattered showers out there. you may have dodged a few raindrops and the windshield wipers probably turned on in the bay earlier today. tracking the first system, it's offshore right now for tonight. another one for late thursday night and rainfall with these systems will range between about 10th inch to 1.5" to the wettest locations of the bay area. so here is the cloud cover already working its way back into the bay area. and this is the unstable air that's working its way closer to our coastline. this is a development within the past hour. as you look south and west, we have some lightning strikes detected here with the radar. in fact this


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